Mary's Interview

I am sharing my experience of the healing  miracles with my son Brandon's passing. First interview is here. 

If  you have lost a close family member and especially a child, may this interview wrap you in Love. You and your loved ones are forever linked in Love. 

Brandon's Legacy of Love


Hello Fellow Travelers, 

UPDATE January 2019 Two years in...The Healing Continues

As I continue to tend to the healing of my heart, from the physical loss of my son Brandon, my family and I are in continued gratitude to all of our dear friends and family, Earth angels and the Helping Spirits and Angels of Heaven.

Brandon left this life to pursue "higher aspirations" on January 13, 2017. As we grieve and traverse the terrain of this most holy and sacred time of bereavement, we ask that you remember that love lives on.

At this time, it is now January, 2019 just past the two year mark. I wrote a piece about anniversaries here. Please take a moment to care for your own tender heart through my words written with the intention of sending healing energy to anyone who happens to read them as well as creating a vessel of healing words for myself.

Brandon was all about the love, and helping his fellow traveler. His kind, generous and thoughtful spirit lives on in all he touched. The inspirational way he had of walking his path lives on through you and all who walk the Spiritual Warrior's Peaceful Path.

We are currently planning various ways to honor Brandon through supporting causes near and dear to him and by being Activists of the Heart.

Brandon never met a person that he did not help, or encourage in some way. May you continue this legacy of love each day.

If you feel called, please share any stories you may have about how Brandon encouraged or inspired you to "go for your dreams", or "push harder to accomplish goals" or simply "have fun".

And go out and be the change you wish to see. Be the living presence of love to the best of your ability!

In gratitude to your light and love,



We collected over $335 for Larimer County Food Bank at City Star Brewery in December 2018

Valentine's Day Open House and Tarot Love Readings on February 14, 2019~ Donated proceeds to The Pediatric Congenital Heart Fund

Future Sights- Working on an event with Launch: Community Through Skateboarding 


The Language of the Heart

Following the Path of Love

I followed the path of love

around and around, up and out.

A gracious growl, a ferocious fire

a torrid rain

a gentle pond.

Surrender, release

Hold on, let go.

Up, down

within and through.

Claw and tooth.

Medicine of the Ages

the Healing continues.

Grieving is Weaving

Weaving a life of healing love. 

I weave with love. 

I weave stories. 

I weave words into healing stories. 

I weave healings. I weave energy into healing balms of love. 

I weave ideas into the creation of a healing life, a healing practice. 

I weave wisdom into pearls of beauty shimmering and sparkling in the depths of the dark sea. 

I weave my broken open heart together with words of love, healing stories and healing balms 

which create rainbows of light, strands of essence and love. 

My broken heart is now a web of colors, fibers of light, stardust and electric currents of pure and potent source energy. Connecting broken hearts in the sea of the Universal One Heart.
Grieving is Weaving