Dearest Fellow Traveler

Full Moon Ritual Package

To support you in creating your own ritual and ceremony for the Full Moon in Aries October 13, 2019, Mary has created a package for you. 

SELF PACED and COMPLETELY VIRTUAL. You will receive all that you need to do a ceremony/ritual, meditation and personal chart reading. 

Aries is the energy of the Pioneer, the Leader, the starter of fire, the one who speaks out, and takes charge. Aries IS alive in your astrology blueprint and can be a most welcome addition to the times we are living in now. 

With a lot of noise and distraction, perhaps muddying up your plans for greater awareness and personal and spiritual growth and devotion, (such is the way of the world right now), we will call upon the forces of light and fire within ourselves to ensure safe passage of our hopes, and dreams. 

The energy of this full moon is bringing forth support for the Equinox which occurred on September 23. Whatever intentions you put in motion then, will be greatly supported now, under the light of this potent, fiery new moon.


You will receive instructions on creating your ceremony, a guided meditation to help you connect with your Inner Wisdom and Guides, and a personalized reading from your astrology chart. 

Once you confirm purchase you will receive instructions. Please provide Mary with your full birth date, month day and year and place of birth. 

Investment: $55

This is time sensitive. Mary will need your enrollment by 10/10. 

NOTE: when enrolling on line, you will be asked to choose a date/time. This is for scheduling technology purposes. This package is completely self paced, to be done at your own leisure.