Land, Home and Business Blessings and Clearing

For Homes, Land, and Businesses

The homes we live in, the land we tend to and the businesses we build all are living and breathing entities. 

To feel loved, secure and safe in our homes, to know that we are supported in prosperity and abundance in our businesses and to feel the land beneath our feet in harmony with our spirit and life purpose is necessary and vital to our health and well being.

Mary uses the elements of fire, water, earth, air and spirit, the power of ceremony, prayer and intention, to help in clearing, blessing and healing the energies of your home, space, land or business.

Energies live on, stagnant and sometimes protective of spaces they have occupied. Thought forms linger long past the prayers or blessings, arguments or disagreements have occurred. All that has lived, breathed, been spoken leaves energetic imprints.

Some energies may stay and others must go, for all things have a place in the web of life. To know what energies belong and which do not,  and using the intentions, rituals and ceremonies of the ancestors, Mary assists your space to be the most harmonious places for you and your loved ones, family, businesses and communities to thrive. 

Mary has provided this service to sellers and buyers of homes and land, business owners and the the Mother Earth.

Mary uses the ways of her ancestors in ceremony and ritual with the guidance and knowing that we are stewards of that which has been entrusted to us to care for. We must do so with all of our best intentions and efforts. Good shall then come to all. 

All services are done both on site and remote. Fees are based on an individual basis. Please contact Mary to schedule and learn more.