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Heart of Gaia Creative Healing Arts, is a Healing Arts Practice offering Intuitive Consultations, Spiritual Teaching/Counseling, Spirit Connections, Reiki Therapy, Journaling and Education in the Healing and Intuitive Arts.

Whether you are receiving a session, gathering to participate in  the varied workshops or trainings, you can be assured you will be greeted with open arms and unconditional love. 

Heart of Gaia is a place to learn, heal, develop and awaken to your own potent Spirit. 

There was a time, in the not so long ago past, when every community had a place like this, where members could go to be tended to during hard times, to be seen and heard, offered healing medicines of support and unconditional love, that went straight to the heart and soul of the matter. 

These places are needed now more than ever, to ensure the health and well-being of our world, communities and each beautiful human. 

I am so glad you are here. 

Thank you for visiting. May you be blessed. 


About Mary

As far back as I remember, I was acutely aware of the invisible world of energy and spirit. I could sense others thoughts and feelings, the energy of plants and animals, the Earth and nature's cycles, as well as the ever loving presence of Angels and the Divine Love of Spirit. 

I live an ordinary life, although not in the ordinary sense.   I followed my heart's passions and pursued what I have come to know is the call of my soul. 

This pursuit always leads to deep transformation and a burst of courageous effort. 

Along, my winding path, I experienced these awakenings through great heart-ache and challenges. 

This reminded me of what I always knew as a child. There was more to this physical life than meets the eye. I had to build my life based completely on my heart and soul's knowing. And so I did. 

My Sacred Path has taken me through the holy waters of birth and the transformational fires of death. 

I have come to know Life as a Sacred Journey and Love as our Greatest Teacher and Ally.   

I greet each one of you with great love and respect, for you too are on your own Sacred Journey.

My professional path has taken me here, to offer my skills  in service to the evolution of the human experience. 

Assisting you in awakening to your own heart and soul's call, living life as an extension of both your physical and spiritual selves, and opening to a more peaceful, harmonious, loving, compassionate experience during your journey upon this Earth is my passionate professional mission. 

I am trained and skilled in The Usui Method of Natural Healing as Reiki Master/Teacher and Practitioner. I have studied, extensively in the fields of Human Consciousness, Core Shamanism, Intuitive Development, Dream Analysis, Theory and Practice of Archetypes and Cross Cultural Studies, Meditation, Intuitive Astrology, Mediumship, Divination, Spiritual Counseling, Metaphysics, Art and Design, and the Language Arts. My lifelong pursuit has taken me home to my roots as a medicine woman and care giver of the community. 

These studies culminated into what I offer you now. Professional Intuitive Guide, Soul Medium, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Artist, Writer, and Educator in the Healing and Intuitive Arts.

I am an Elder in my world as Grandmother to five little boys and mother to five grown children, one of whom is in Spirit. I take this role seriously and then they let me know how to "lighten up, and have fun". They are my heart and passion, as are you, my Fellow Traveler!

I have lived on both East and West Coasts of the United States, and for now am settled in one of the most glorious places on Earth, the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains in Northern Colorado. 


Whether meeting with you for a session or workshop in person or via the varied virtual world, we are held in the Heart of Gaia. 

My deepest joy and passionate profession is expressed through the work we do together.

I look forward to meeting with you soon. 



Intuitive Sessions

Spiritual Counseling

Mediumship Readings

Energy Healing for people, animals, the land, homes and businesses.

Sacred Circle Gatherings for the Moons, Solstices and Equinoxes

Journaling to the Heart Workshops

Intuitive Development Courses

Reiki Trainings. 

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