Honoring the Moon Cycles and Seasons

Virtual Ceremony Package


From the Comfort of your Home- all you need to create your Ceremony plus your personal astrology report

Virtual Ceremony Package

Sacred Circle Gatherings


Full Moon, Solstice and Equinox 

Heart of Gaia Ceremony  

Solstice Equinox Full Moon New Moon


Join in Sacred Circle for Gatherings and Classes to align you with the Moon

We gather together to create intentionally based prayers and blessings that will support us with whatsoever is happening in our personal lives at this time. Spiritual healing, energy healing and clearing, and connection with your powerful inner knowing is awakened. 

Solstice, Equinox and Full Moon Gatherings are workshop oriented with learning and celebrating at the core. They are a powerful way to align with the rhythms of the season, the tides and phases of the moon, and the archetypes of the cosmos, just as our ancestors have done for eons. 

Virtual Ceremony Packages allow you to participate at your own pace from the comfort of your home. 

What you receive is a priceless and timeless deep connection to that which is rooted in the core of who you are. Connecting with the rhythms and cycles of the Earth and the Cosmos is a way to live a more authentic, creative, inspired life. 

The wisdom of the ages, the prayers that your ancestors have wished upon you, and the beauty and joy of the sanctity of sacred circle whether in person or virtual are a few of the gifts you will receive.

The moon is calling you home to yourself. Awaken this latent power and watch your life transform. 


Full Moon Virtual Ceremony Packages

February 9 Full Moon in Leo

March 9 Full Moon in Virgo

April 8 Full Moon in Libra

May 7 Full Moon in Scorpio

June 5 Full Moon in Sagittarius

July 5 Full Moon in Capricorn

August 3 Full Moon in Aquarius

September 2 Full Moon in Pisces

October 1 Full Moon in Aries

October 31 Full Moon in Taurus

November 30 Full Moon in Gemini

December 30 Full Moon in Cancer

Full Moon/Solstice/Equinox Gatherings In person

March 7 Saturday 6pm 

March 19 Spring Equinox held in Northern Virginia

April 9

May 7

June 5

June 20 Summer Solstice Gathering

July (no gathering)

August 3

September 2

September 19 Fall Equinox

October 1

October 31 Gathering With the Ancestors 

November 30

December 30


Preparing for a Sacred Circle Gathering for Solstice or Equinox and Full Moon

To open space, we create a prayer bundle- a mandala of blessings, wishes, and prayers.  You are to bring an offering that represents your prayers at this time. Flowers, herbs, teas, fruits, sweets, love notes, intentions... 

(photos of previous prayer mandalas are below). Gazing upon these mandalas bring the blessings straight into your heart! The possibilities for potent spiritual healing, energy healing, and connection with your most sacred Self are highlighted during these group gatherings. 

You then journey deep into the wise and sacred inner space of your own hearts, minds, and spirits through guided meditation, aligning with the beat of the drum and Mother Earth's eternal heart beat. You will receive messages of love and gratitude or have an experience with your helping spirits that will enhance your everyday life. 

To complete the evening, each participant gathered will receive a direct blessing message. This message is read from your personal astrology chart, and is just for you. The blessing message is a helpful and timely insight or learning that may asssit you greatly with whatsoever your life journey is at this time. Please provide Mary with your birth info prior to the Gathering. 

To close our sacred ceremony and teaching space, we will burn the Prayer Bundle (the mandala folded), dispatching our prayers, blessings and wishes out into the Cosmos. 

Enrich your connection to your own inner wisdom.

Enroll via Message

Please fill out the form below to enroll. Mary will need your birth info for the astrology portion. She will also give you directions on how to prepare for the Gathering, once you are enrolled.

Must be pre-enrolled. Thank you!

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