Journaling to the Heart

What is Journaling to the Heart?

Journaling to the Heart is an adventure into the depths of your heart and soul. What treasures you shall find!

You are wise beyond imagining. Your inner wise self is always available for counsel and guidance. She will meet and greet you, with love and open arms. 

No writing experience necessary. We explore our inner world through guided meditations and writing prompts geared to get your inner wisdom flowing.

The Ancient Art of Diary Keeping Revised...

If your soul had a voice, what would it say? 

If you listened to this voice, how would you live?

What might you do? 

Who might you become? 

Awaken Your Inner Wise Self


My participation in Journaling to the Heart, has changed my life in significant ways. I have often felt alone and isolated dealing with issues swirling around in my head with no perspective or relief.

Learning to journal has helped focus my thoughts and calm the "noise" that gets in the way of honest feelings and choosing a healthy direction.

Jounraling has helped me become aware of my own inner guidance and wisdom that I had not every really listened to. This class has truly been a key element in helping me create the life I was meant to live.--LS 

What has journaling meant to some of the participants?

Journaling to the Heart has given me inspiration and tools to look within myself,  to find answers to my long sought after questions. Mary provides a safe, sacred space for us all to come together and share our deepest dreams, desires, and challenges. This place is filled with support and love. One of the best things I ever did for myself was to buy a journal and open my heart!--JDR

Themes we will explore together...

Blessings, Gratitude, Fall in Love with Life, Writing through the Chakras, Living a Nourishing Life, You are Valued, Inspiring our New Year, Creating Inspiration Boards, Planting Seeds of our Goals, Wisdom, Courage, Signs of Life, Laughter and Humor and much more...

SPRING Classes 2019

To reserve your spot, please contact Mary.

Journaling is held in a 5 week series. Please enroll for the full series. Missed classes may be brought forward and applied to future classes.

Tuesday Evenings 7-9 pm 

Heart of Gaia in Fort Collins

Every Tuesday ongoing

We have open spots in this class starting March 5

March 5, 12, 19, 27

Tuition $110

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How did Journaling to the Heart begin?


A call to service

In 1987 my son George was born with a congenital heart defect, requiring an extensive stay in the hospital and open heart surgery to correct his defect. We spent the first 5 weeks of his life in a hospital. He recovered, yet also required many procedures over the years The hospital staff was so helpful and encouraging, yet I was mostly left to my own devices where support was concerned.

I knew that someday, when I was ready, I would formally help other parents who were faced with such ordeals.

Fast forward 16 years, George is a thriving teenager, my other four children, also growing well. I sought out a volunteer position at Children's Hospital in Denver, Colorado.

I did not receive a call to help for many months, and one day a call did come. I was asked to hold journaling class for the parents of children in the NICU.

I was a writer, yet had never formally held a class to teach others, the art of journaling, or diary keeping, as I had done since I was a little girl.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, I said yes!

Journaling to the Heart was born. I have been facilitating classes, daylong retreats and workshops for many years now.

Tuesday evening class has been going strong since 2004.

Monday evening class went strong for 10 years and will be returning this summer. 

Join in Tuesdays! We have a few openings.