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Reiki is a natural healing technique, or complimentary and alternative healing practice that has been used for many years to reduce stress, promote relaxation and healing.

The word Reiki comes from the Japanese words Rei, which is defined as Spiritual Wisdom or Universal Mind, and Ki (commonly knows as chi, prana or ti). Ki is the bio-field energy or life energy, vital force or the energy that animates all living things. 

Reiki is a special kind of Ki, which promotes healing of body, mind and spirit using the bodies natural healing ability along with the spiritual wisdom that we are all a part of.

How does Reiki work?

Our energy systems become sluggish or blocked, due to various physical, emotional, mental and spiritual stresses such as accidents, illnesses, emotional upset, and traumas of the body, mind and spirit and everyday modern living. 

Reiki works to balance, align, rejuvenate, clear and heal our energy system. The practitioner has been trained and attuned to the life force energy in such a fashion that the client's energy system (chakra, aura and meridians) are able to connect, open, and find appropriate alignment through the practitioners hand placements and light touch.

Reiki is not directed by the practitioner. It is channeled through the practitioner, in a way that will naturally heal the client. Reiki is always guided by the highest and greatest good, so it will never do harm, or interfere with any other treatments the client may be receiving.

Who can receive Reiki?

Reiki is excellent for restoring health and well being for all anyone of any age. Even in utero babies have received Reiki from Mary! 

Reiki is not bound by any religion. It is spiritual in nature in that love and compassion are always provided. Reiki is acceptable across all religions, for there is no dogma or belief required. 

Reiki is also excellent for your animal companions, as well as land, homes and businesses. 

Life force energy and energy systems are in everything that lives!

When should I receive a Reiki Treatment?

Reiki is used for overall well-being, to recharge your energy after a stressful time, to enhance your connection to your own inner knowing, wisdom and guidance, to help you heal from physical, emotional/mental or spiritual issues, to charge your energy in order to more clearly effect change, and to promote and enhance your health in a non-invasive, incredibly affective way.

Mary specializes in Reiki treatments for those undergoing transitions, change, and transformation of a physical, mental/emotional or spiritual nature. Her focus is to assist you in accessing more of your life force energy, wisdom, and knowing, in a high vibrational state so that your healing, transformation and transitions will be profoundly loving and deeply  life enhancing.

Your energy system is your own unique vibrational signature, and it holds so much potential to help you live in harmony with your divine nature. Awakening your divine potential so you may live in deep peace, harmony, and balance is the reason for Reiki at Heart of Gaia. 

To answer, Reiki Treatments are always timely. You may receive them anytime, and as often as you would like. Once you have your first treatment, Mary will discuss a course of action for follow up treatments, dependent upon what your wellness goals are.

Treatments are often used before or after a medical procedure or surgery, before or after an important event. During healing from a long term illness, in conjunction with other therapies of body and mind, after a stressful event, or during life's many changes and transitions. 

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