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Intuitive Guidance Session

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Intuitive Guidance

An Intuitive Guidance Session is a compassionate space in which to receive helpful and practical insight to assist you with life challenges. 

With a blend of creative wisdom, psychic insight, energy medicine, and soul centered teaching/ counseling, Mary will  assist you in receiving clarity, guidance, healing, blessings, insights and wisdom to support you and bring you answers and practical applications.  

The work we do together is soul work. It is a holistic approach to your wellness and to your growth and support through times of challenge. You have so much internal support and knowing and it is Mary's job, to help you awaken to this authentic and powerful you. 

You are not alone. Life is challenging, and we are in this together. Be held in the compassionate heart while you remember your true self. 

I offer my skills to you, while you traverse through life's most intense challenges~raising children, work with purpose, rebuilding after divorce, death of a loved one, planning life changes, and all manners of spiritual development. 

Intuitive Consultations are healing sessions and may include Reiki Therapy, Dream Work, Akashic Records Readings, Intuitive Astrology, or Connections with loved one's in Spirit. 

Sessions are virtual via phone/skype or in Mary's Colorado Office. 

Virtual Sessions may be recorded.

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Connecting with your Loved Ones in Spirit

It is with great reverence and respect to you and your loved ones, that Mary holds sacred space for you to connect with your loved ones in spirit.

When we leave this physical plane, through death, our spirit does live on. We, who are left, do grieve the loss of our loved ones greatly. 

We can however continue in relationship with them, and receive confirmation and affirmation of their presence in our daily physical lives. This is a profound life changing gift. 

The healing is always wanting to happen. Our loved ones want the best for us.

To connect with your passed loved one is an honor for Mary. She knows that healing is first and foremost for one who may be going through the process of bereavement, therefore, she provides you a most sacred, gentle and reverent experience, in order to offer you the confirmation you may need.

Many times, your past loved ones may appear in your dreams or give you signs that they are around, through songs, synchronistic moments, fleeting thoughts or in a deep knowing within you. There are many ways they let you know they are near. 

They oftentimes appear in the energy healing or Intuitive Guidance Sessions Mary conducts, so she is sure they are here for your benefit, and in so very many loving ways. 

Most especially they want you to know that we are always and forever connected through Love. Love connected you in Life and it keeps you connected in death. Death is a doorway to grace. Grace is power in love. 

Mary's deepest desire is that you know the sacredness of your being and the eternal connections we share beyond this physical experience. She is known as a soul medium, for it is truly a connection of souls  when the loving presence of your family and friends come through just for you. 

Knowing of the love that awaits us and the love present now, each day, can help  ease the pain of loss, and give hope. 

It is Mary's service to you to help you awaken to and experience this eternal connection. 

Your loved ones are already contacting you, letting you know, beyond doubt that they are with you, love you, see you and support you. Answer their call, for your heart and soul will be so very glad you did. 

Sessions are virtual via phone/skype or in Mary's Colorado Office. Virtual sessions may be recorded.  


Akashic Records Session


Akashic Records Readings

The Akasha is band of consciousness, or dimension. It is much like a giant library where all of the records of your many lifetimes are kept. It is the place of eternal wisdom and "all that is". 

Entering into this sacred space gives you access to information you may be needing at this time, in order to be living the life your soul intended. 

Are you in alignment with your soul's vision for yourself? Are you living with your soul activated so you may have the most potent experience? 

The messages you recieve in the records give you concise information regarding your soul's destiny in this lifetime. You are always living your soul's destiny, yet to make conscious choices that give you the power to know your soul, is the gift of this lifetime. 



Reiki Therapy Session

Receive the healing benefits of Reiki as a way to clear, align, balance and restore your energy. It is a vital part of your self-care regimen and a personal and spiritual development practice to keep your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional bodies as healthy as possible. 

Your system is constantly being bombarded in this everyday world of living. Extra Stress is rampant, and unavoidable. We do have access to our internal source of wisdom and knowing, love, and our higher consciousness, or soul. This access becomes less attainable if we are not constantly tending to our energy. 

A Reiki Therapy Session is a powerful addition to your physical, mental/emotional and spiritual health care regimens. It is a gentle energy that can be applied daily, weekly, or monthly for preventative care. If you are in a healing crisis and facing a diagnosis, Reiki is a safe and effective complimentary healing modality. 

Each and every illness has an energetic component. Reiki can zero in on the energetic component and heal it where it can't be seen, but will be addressed. 

A Reiki Healing Session with Mary is a combination of energy healing, and intuitive wisdom. You will receive messages and insight and practical applications to take with you to assist you in your everyday life.   

Mary may add Reiki Therapy to any one of your sessions or as a stand alone therapy that will assist with physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and well being. 

Sessions are virtual via phone/skype or in Mary's Colorado Office. 

Reiki for Land, Homes and Business

Schedule a home, land or business clearing. 

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Which Session is right for me? 

If you don't know exactly which type of session you may need, ask Mary. Together you will make the right choice for you. 

May I record my session?
Yes, Mary offers a recording for all of her Intuitive Sessions, not including Reiki. 

Sessions may be in person, via phone or audio conference

In Gratitude

Client Testimonials

My experience working with Mary has been an enlightenment of the mind, body and spirit. I have opened up to the possibility of a greater life; one that I create through my own energy, a life that is true to who I am and who I was meant to be. I cannot thank Mary enough. Her insights and intuitions have been spot on. -AC Colorado

The work we did really made me attuned to what my inner self is saying. It let me tap into some personal strengths and let me know more of the person I actually want to become. I can't wait to do more work with Mary. -MS NYC

I have to give a shout out to you, Mary. Working with you has been AMAZING and so incredibly healing for me. I am grateful and can't wait for our next session! -CW Idaho

As a healer and teacher, Mary has a profound impact on the clients she works with. Her journaling class has taught me how to access a deeper understanding of myself and my relationship to the Universe. Receiving and learning Reiki from Mary has allowed me to open to the many gifts I have been given and awakened me to the astounding possibilities of my life. -TO Colorado

Mary welcomes you to sit in the sacred and healing energy of the Heart of Gaia.

Mary welcomes you to sit in the sacred and healing energy of the Heart of Gaia.